Monday, February 9, 2015

it's February 2015!?

I can't believe it's 2015! They say as you get older time goes faster and I think they are correct ! Today is a beautiful day outside, I had a great weekend with my loved ones. My daughter Nicole is getting married in April and we did some finalizing of some very important details . We had a tasting of the food and planned seating arrangements and decorations ! I wish it was April already! But then there goes the time getting away from me! Lol I spent some lovely time with my boyfriends grandson on Saturday . We went to the movies and he is a joy to be around. He reminds me of my son in some ways but he has his Dooda's sense of humor! He calls his Grandpa Dooda because of a movie Ben Affleck is in. He called his Grandpa Dooda. Anyway it was awesome spending time with Damien. So many things to be thankful for in 2015 that I will write 5 EACH DAY I blog and will have a Really Big list at the end of the year ! 1. New year, new ME! 2. I might be in the resale business again with a dear friend . 3. Nicole's wedding ! 4. I only have 1 rabbit to take care of now! 5. It's time to start planning the Band Banquet! That's all for today, always having fun with Aunt Kadra Louise

Friday, April 4, 2014

Still here!?

Oh my goodness!! Yes I am still here! Just as busy as ever. Taking care of kids, cars, and all the pets we have. I've read some of my past posts and its ironic how some things follow a parallel path. Its once again time for Prom! And now Nick and Kendra will Both be going to Germany! They will leave in June and be gone until July but its on a vacation and not an extended program like Nick was on before. Kendra is DRIVING now!! Nick will be finishing his first year of college and my husband which is now my ex-husband will be going back to Canada for work. My daughter Nicole will be moving to California with her boyfriend Jordan and this summer marks Natalie and Sid's 3rd anniversary. Still no grandbabies yet but I am CRAFTING every single DAY! I am loving LIFE and have a wonderful loving man in my life....well I have more than one loving man in my life. My son, my ex-husband, and my boyfriend, EJ. He has brought so much laughter back into my life. I am looking forward to new adventures in the future with everything my loved ones will bring.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

hot summer days

I think today has been the hottest day of the summer so far and its September 1st!  My oldest dog Sandy has been feeling the heat and possible rain coming.  She has had a worrisome day just feeling restless and wanting to sit in my lap.  She weighs about 60 pounds so its kinda hard to comfort a dog as big as her so I have to give her a dog calming pill I got at Walmart.  Not sure if they worked but she is resting now and not on my lap, thank goodness!  School starts Tuesday for my daughter and I am ready to get back into the routine.  She will be a Junior in High school and my son started COLLEGE on August 26th!  So hard to believe my babies are growing up.  My oldest daughter started her 7th year of teaching and my second oldest daughter has started her 2nd year as a nurse!  So many changes happening in 2013 for my family.  always having fun with Aunt Kadra Louise

Friday, July 12, 2013


CHANGE can happen when you aren't looking. Change can happen when you get too busy to stop and appreciate what is right there in front of you. Kinda like you can't see the Forrest for all the trees. There are some big changes happening in my life and I have HOPE for a better life through these changes. I have to remain hopeful because I know if these changes didn't happen then I wouldn't be able to go on anymore! My husband and I have decided it would be best if we got a divorce. I'm hoping to find more time for ME and after looking at this blog I want to get back to blogging and crafting! So lets have some FUN with Aunt Kadra Louise!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Midnight snack

I could sure use a Midnight Snack and its only 10:46!!! I am trying to keep track of my eating so I can try to get in better shape. Its hard to break old habits from the summertime of getting up late, going to bed late and not eating a proper meal at the right hours! this'd think I was a teenager or something! HA Milk and a Suzy Q would be pretty good right about now....wonder if its ok to have for breakfast tomorrow?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summerand the living is busy!

Yep, busy busybusybusy, just like always! My son is HOME! from his year as an exchange student! wooo hoooo! I am so glad he had this expereince in Germany but every time someone asked me if I was worried about him bringing home a German bride, I really didn't worry too much about that. I'm the kind of person that believes that everything is in God's hands and if it happened that he would find his love over there then that is what was supposed to happen.
My daughter Nicole is back in Texas after graduating from John's Hopkins School of Nursing! Wooo hoooo! Now all my kiddos are living close again! What a relief, now we just have to pray for God to help her find a job semi close to home.
And we have started renovations on our guesthouse! Nicole's boyfriend came over and helped Nick pull the walls down and the ceiling! When Kenny came home the next weekend he put up the wall studs for the walk in master closet and the laundry room wall studs! I am so excited about finally getting all of this under way. We have lived here for 6 years and finally will be connecting the main house to the guesthouse thru the breezeway. I've been looking at ideas on HOUZZ.
and thats just a small sample of what I've been doing this summer of 2012!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time for a change

I think its time for a change. I've posted in the past that I was going to attempt to blog more and I have been so crazy busy that I haven't found time to do much of anything except what has to be done on a daily basis just to finish within the 24 hours in a day. Update on what keeps me so busy: My daughter Kendra went to her first prom, she was BEEEUUUTIFULLLL! Spent way too much money but we won't tell Dad how much! My daughter Natalie and her husband just bought their FIRST house so I have been driving the hour and a half over there to help with wallpaper removal, painting and texturing and unpacking and even lawnmowing! My daughter Nicole graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing so we went to see her and do some sightseeing with her for a week. AND I convinced her to move back to TEXAS!!!!! I am so excited about that! My son Nick will be coming HOME from GERMANY in less than TWO WEEKS!!!! I am super excited about that! He has been gone for the past ten months as an exchange student and will finish high school and graduate in May 2013! Sooooo, there have been a lot of things keeping me from blogging and it probably won't get any less busy around here. We also had baby bunnies in our household, 9 baby kitties and I am currently dogsitting for a friend for two weeks. I am also going to remodel her bathroom for her while she is gone. Hope she likes it! It will be a surprise, and I am also organizing her hoarding/junk she has been attempting to go thru since her husband passed away 7 months ago.