Saturday, May 29, 2010

school days

School is winding down around here in Whitney and I am glad this year is almost over.  My kids were very busy with their activities in school and I think they are ready for a little down time and summer fun.  I know I'm ready for a little down time.  Now I know why my tires on my car are so worn out and have so many miles on the odometer.  My son Nick is 16 and will be driving SOON!  We have put off the drivers ed until now because he was too busy with school activities.  He was busy with German club, Folkdancing, Student Council, Blue Crew, Science team practice, UIL One Act Play, Art Club. . . I'm sure I'm leaving some out but you get the idea.  My daughter Kendra turned 13 yesterday! and she was just as busy! She is a Cheerleader, Student Council, UIL One Act Play, GT Students, Band and so on and so on. . . I try to stay busy by helping with the Band and Choir Booster Club and am in charge of the Concession Stand for  Jr High and High School Thursday and Friday night games.  I will be doing that again next year.  I enjoy being around the kids and getting to meet the people in town.  Only 4 more school days!  Wooooo Hoooooo! having fun with Aunt Kadra Louise

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