Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello! and my new years resolutions

Hello dear readers,

      I have been so busy reading others blogs that I keep running out of time to post any on my blog.  I've joined some swaps with Elizabeth at Creative Breathing and am getting excited to show my tag for the month of January.  I'm not finished with my tags so I'd better get off my duff and get to work.  My holidays were wonderful and the new year looks promising.  This morning I took my husband to the Waco airport for his trip to Saudia Arabia for a 2 month job.  He will be there for a little over 2 months but we are hoping to be able to put money in savings for our oldest daughters wedding in July.  My new year resolution is to stay out of the resale shops, estate sales and garage sales for 6 months!  I've been tempted to go and have a look around in them,  and this is only the 5th of January.  I can do it, I have WILLPOWER! I have also survived the holidays and didn't gain ANY weight!  And my husband bought me a box of chocolates!  This year is gonna be great, thanks for reading, Aunt Kadra Louise

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  1. Yeah! It sounds like you are off to a good start on your resolutions. I have already broken one of mine!!!! (Just between you and me) I am so excited you will be sharing your tag with me on Monday. I will have McLinky available for you on Sunday to link your blog to mine. There is a post now that outlines our swap. I would love if you would photograph your supplies and share any challenges you had in choosing the first month's paper. Talk about why you chose your theme, what you like about your tags, any new techniques, or perhaps talk about your style. My hope is we will meet new friends and grow in our creativity with the sharing of our tags. Thank you again so much for joining! Elizabeth