Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The joys of a new computer

Yea! I have a new laptop computer and it has been wonderful being able to look at blogs and now I can really get back into posting on my own blog. All summer I have been trying to post and my old desktop computer has not allowed me to post! So frustrating.......here is an update on my activities over the summer We had my oldest daughters wedding and it was BEAUTIFUL in Utah. It took us two and a half days drive time to get there but we had a great vacation along the way. My second oldest daughter was able to drive home with us and stay for a little vacation with us before she and Kendra and Nick helped her drive back to Baltimore. Kendra flew home and is back in school and Nick went on to Washington, DC for his flight to Germany for his year as an exchange student. Very exciting times for all of us on our new adventures in life. Kenny is still working in the New Orleans area and I am back to working in the concession stand for the band and choir booster club. This week is Homecoming so we will be very busy this Thursday and Friday! I hope my feet and back can handle that standing on cement! Now I will try to post some photos! always fun with Aunt Kadra Louise

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