Thursday, September 2, 2010

back to school

Its back to school time around the country and we have been busy getting ready.  I've had no time to blog until today and that time is limited too.  We were supposed to have a football game tonight but we have had much needed rain last night and the football field is too wet.  The kids will play the game on the practice field which means no concession stand duties today!  I'm not sad about that one bit.  I'm in charge of the concession stand and this week our food and drink orders don't come in until tomorrow and I'm not quite ready for the game.  I could have made do with the drinks we have on hand and the food stuff too but I would hate for anyone to know, I'm not quite ready for all of this again.....I do try to make it a fun time for my volunteers, as much as I can, working for 5 hours or so, standing up the whole time and being HOT! We should be having a good season this year, now that we are classified as 2-A.  always fun with Aunt Kadra Louise

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