Saturday, February 12, 2011

my funny little valentine

Doesn't that title just make you want to sing that song? My funny little Valentine....Does Barbara Streisand sing that? I might have to google that later. Innny howw, should I spell it that way, any how? I like when other blogs spell things like they say it;) and cute little pictures....

Okkkk, here are some of my Valentine decorations for this year and some I've received from my swap with Elizabeth at Creative Breathing.
This one is from Paintinpatti, its so cute with the little boy and girl. I like the button flower too.

The next set of photos will be my pink candy album I got from Elizabeth. It was so much fun making all my little hearts to go in it. She is so crafty and sent all the supplies I needed to decorate them. I just had to use a few of my red letters and a few extras that I had. See if you can find the red netting from a bag of oranges I used! Oh what fun! Can you have too many exclamation points in a post?
This last one is a card she included in the package. I trimmed it up and added it to my hearts. Next I will show some photos of my decorating around the house.

Yes I am a BIG FAN of all things that Elizabeth at Creative Breathing! I showed my niece Molly how to make the pipe cleaner puppies and she made so many for me that I put them on display on my icecube tray in the kitchen window. They are fun to make. We were at my sisters house for the Superbowl last weekend and did all kinds of crafty things. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines day! Today is my Mom's 66th birthday and we are going to the movies to see the show about the Gnomes! always fun with Aunt Kadra Louise

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  1. oh - I love the little book you made! Talk about adorable!!! Isn't Elizabeth the sweetest to send us such fun gifts!!! Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs, Patti