Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

I made a pompom mail lady bird today for Valentines Day because I got my Valentine from Elizabeth today! I hope I did it justice? I got the tutorial from her blog and I just love how it turned out. I have a few things I will tweak on the next one I make but thats what art is all about right? It doesn't have to be perfect, thats what makes it ART!
Elizabeth made the Valentine double sides so I hung it on my ceiling fan chain in the kitchen. I had my fan on today because it got nice and warm here today. What a difference a week makes. The last two weeks my kids had snow days from school. Only on Wednesdays and not because of too much snow, it was the cold and ice on the roads that closed the school here in our part of Texas.

This is the other side of the valentine. I am also posting photos of my Moms birthday gifts I made for her. We celebrated her birthday by going to the movies and then my Dad cooked t-bone steaks for us. They were yummy!
This photo shows the vintage music covered shoe, mirror and salad dressing bottle. I got the ideas to do this on a blog but I can't remember which ones it was from. I am so sorry! If you see my post and photo leave a comment and I might remember if it was from your blog. I had lots of fun making these. They look really good on her new vanity she bought at an estate sale.

The last photo I've posted is a picture of the kids at the middle school that will be going to a neighboring town this week for a contest. They have been practicing a one-act play for months and tonight was their performance for the parents. Their teacher makes all their costumes and is a sweet lady. My daughter Kendra is the girl in the pretty blue dress and I think the play is very good with lots of humor in it.
My son went to the German UIL contest in Plano this past Saturday and got two first place trophys for Poetry Reading and Poetry Memory. His folkdancing group placed third. They will go to Austin in two weeks to the state contest. I hope to go see them at this contest. always fun with Aunt Kadra Louise

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