Sunday, April 24, 2011

German Exchange Student

I don't know too many German words so I won't attempt to write them either but we hosted a German Exchange student for about two weeks this month, and thats why I havent been on here too much for April. His name is Yannick and we had a lot of fun getting to know him. The high school in town has a wonderful German program, and every other year we have students from Frankfurt Germany come and visit our town. This is the second time that we have hosted a student in our home. My son, Nick, is the German club President this year. Its his third year to take German and he wins all kinds of awards for his German poetry, folkdancing and such.
This is a photo of the kids in Whitney doing a German folk dance. The Exchange students thought it was unusual that the American kids learn so much about Germany. Yannick said, "We don't learn American dancing!?" Nick will possibly be going to Germany in the very near future.
My Great Grandfather was from Germany and came over to the USA back in the early 1900's with his wife and two daughters. They lost touch with each other on Ellis Island because one of his little girls had measels and she had to stay in isolation until she got better. He went on to Oklahoma and married another woman and had kids with her during the seperation. His second wife died and the first wife finally found my grandfather. Their story should be a BOOK or a MOVIE!! How awesome would that be?!!
When I was a little girl of about 8 years old I met my Great Grandfather, John Frederick Rusch, at an Easter celebration/family reunion. I didn't realise then how much family history was there with me and feel that now with Nick taking German and speaking German, my life is coming around full circle. HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE IN THE BLOG FAMILY!

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