Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Homemaker Tag Swap

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important time to say hello, goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.....for the Happy Homemaker Tag Swap! I have a very good reason too. My husband just left on his next job assignment but thank goodness its not out of the country this time! He will be working in Louisiana again. He was off for three weeks this time and we had so much we had to get done around here. I have my tag ready but am not sure what is going on with blogger today. I've tried to upload my photos two times already so maybe the third time will be the charm. If it shows up more than two times just bear with me.
Ok, it worked this time.
My tag this month is about me and when I was a little girl....well, we didn't have ducks when I was little...I bought some ducks and baby chicks when my kids were little. One Easter I really wanted some baby ducklings but I waited too long and they were sold out at our local "Tractor Supply" store. So the kids and I got the colored baby chicks for Easter instead. We had a purple one, and blue one, a green one and an orange one. We didn't know what they would look like when they shed their colored feathers as they got older. We kept them in the bathroom in a plastic tub. Well....two weeks later when we went to another feed store to get some more food for them, guess what they had? BABY DUCKS!!! I HAD to get them! So the baby chicks were moved to a bigger area outside, they were getting too tall for their Rubbermaid tub anyway. We put the ducklings in the tub and got to watch them grow. Did you know ducks like everything WET? Talk about stinky! I would get them out of the tub when they spilled their water and let them run around in the bathroom while I cleaned their tub and as soon as they got back in the tub they spilled the water all over again! It was a three ring circus in the bathroom and they were the clowns! Oh what fun it is looking back on it now.
Thought I'd show you some of the supplies I used. I made paperclay flowers from a mold I have from Michaels from a few years ago. I painted them to match the flowers on my paper.
You can see in this photo some of the stickers I've been collecting for a few years now. I had forgotten I had them. My husband cleaned up my workspace on Saturday when I went WEDDING DRESS shopping with Natalie, my oldest daughter.
I made this egg for my daughter Nicole in Baltimore. I used the inspiration from Elizabeth at E's Creative Creations blog, formerly Bluebird Papercrafts.
Do you recognize this duck? This is what I've been working on and promising photos of.

This is one too.

I could sit around all day and work on these kind of projects! Thanks to Elizabeth for the inspiration.I've gotta run!


  1. I love your tag. Your clay flowers are too cute!! I've never used those push molds but I might just have to try them now!

  2. I love your tag and the paperclay ducks are awesome. I have paperclay in my mystery closet I must pull it out.

  3. I never would have though of clay flowers, very clever. Your image with the ducks is so sweet love it.

  4. Now this truly is a FUN post! Oh my gosh is your string duck ever CUTE! I also love your April HH tag. It never ceases to amaze me the creative talent expressed in this community. Thank you for sharing yours with us! Happy Easter! Elizabeth