Thursday, January 26, 2012

Busy, busy

I've been busy, busy, and like so many others, I was sick last weekend. I don't know if it was food poisoning or a stomach virus but whatever it was I didn't like it ONE bit! And to make it worse I had to have my daughter at school at 6 am Saturday morning for a powerlifting tournament. Tomorrow we will be going to the Hill County Fair to show her bunnies which is a first for us. I'm not sure what to expect other than to just enjoy ourselves and make it a wonderful experience. And I am totally in LOVE with our Bunnies! I crafted almost all day today except when I went to a Ladies Bible study at the church for about an hour. I also have photos of the stuff I've been working on. Is it too late to still be working on Christmas crafts? lol I just packed up the last of the decorations today!!! Ok time for photos....
this is Jeremy Bunny, my favorite
This is what I modified to fit my favorite things
I made two vintage ornament wreaths, LOVE making these!
And here is my Snornament guy modeled after Elizabeth's little guy she makes over at Creative Breathing blog. Tomorrow I will be taking my daughter to the fair and then running over to an estate sale to find some goodies! I have my eye on a shelf, hope I find some vintage goodness too.

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  1. I had sent you the address in the email that has all your partner's info, such as blog, etc . . . but resent it to you tonight. Please let me know if you received it. (You may want to check your spam. AOL and Yahoo don't always play nice LOL )