Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm in the mood for love

When I was a little girl I loved watching The Little Rascals before church on Sundays. I remember when Alfalfa would sing to Darla, "I'm in the mood for LOVE, simply because you're near me!" and bubbles would come out of his mouth and pop! He was always off key and yet it didn't keep him from singing about his love. Darla loved him even with his faults. Maybe thats why I grew up to be such a romantic, boy crazy kind of girl. Not just because of Darla and Alfalfa but other songs and movies that would make my heart long for that one true love. I think I have a husband that is my true love and he is coming home this weekend to celebrate Valentines Day early. He works in New Orleans and is on a job that is almost finished so we have to take our holidays when we can to celebrate. I got my Valentine tub of decorations out of the decor shed today but haven't decorated with them just yet. I need to mail my Valentines to my swap partner. I got mine in the mail yesterday but I'm waiting to open them. It's been hard to walk by the envelope and not peek inside......Maybe I will open it tomorrow, because as Alfalfa says, "I'm in the mood for love, simply because you're near meeeeeeeee, funnnnnnnnyyyyyy but when you're near meeeeeeeeeee, I'm in the mood for looooooveee!"

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  1. I remember that show too! I thought Darla was pretty.
    Thank you for my Valentine Heart Swap package. I'm enjoying the sweet treats. The Valentine heart with the bluebirds is darling! Thank you so much!