Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love is in the air....

LOVE is in the air....sorry but I can't remember the rest of the words to that song???? I had a wonderful Valentine season, uhm, month or whatever you would call it....I participated in a Valentine swap and I always LOVE those swaps! Of course I always stress over it, am I sending something that my swap partner will like? am I sending enough items, or too much......then it all turns out so sweet and special. Love those swaps!!! Enough talking........NOW ON TO THE SHOW!!!.
This is the awesome heart I got from my swap and next will be a photo of the other items I got.
Thank you Kate from! I will be using those little stickers on my embroidery thread and try to get them organized! I love how all the items she sent had a little bird on them. I LOVE birds....well animals of all kinds. One of my favorite things to do at the zoo is go into the aviary houses and feed the birds! Ok I will now show some photos of my Valentine decor around the house this year, remember I AM NO professional when it comes to taking photos or decorating the house but I'm the one looking at it every day and if I'm happy then its all good!
allrighty, that should be enough photos for now. If you were wondering about the Little preschool barn, well it is RED.. and I spotted it in an antique store one day on our way to church. It was my lucky day that when church got out the store just happened to be open and that is what I told my hubby I wanted for Valentines day! Yep, I am a kid at heart and instead of diamonds I got a vintage toy to play with. Now if my daughters would just hurry up and give me some grandkids I'd be in HEAVEN!!! thats all for now, I'm headed to Michaels for some after Valentines sale!!!

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