Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time for a change

I think its time for a change. I've posted in the past that I was going to attempt to blog more and I have been so crazy busy that I haven't found time to do much of anything except what has to be done on a daily basis just to finish within the 24 hours in a day. Update on what keeps me so busy: My daughter Kendra went to her first prom, she was BEEEUUUTIFULLLL! Spent way too much money but we won't tell Dad how much! My daughter Natalie and her husband just bought their FIRST house so I have been driving the hour and a half over there to help with wallpaper removal, painting and texturing and unpacking and even lawnmowing! My daughter Nicole graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing so we went to see her and do some sightseeing with her for a week. AND I convinced her to move back to TEXAS!!!!! I am so excited about that! My son Nick will be coming HOME from GERMANY in less than TWO WEEKS!!!! I am super excited about that! He has been gone for the past ten months as an exchange student and will finish high school and graduate in May 2013! Sooooo, there have been a lot of things keeping me from blogging and it probably won't get any less busy around here. We also had baby bunnies in our household, 9 baby kitties and I am currently dogsitting for a friend for two weeks. I am also going to remodel her bathroom for her while she is gone. Hope she likes it! It will be a surprise, and I am also organizing her hoarding/junk she has been attempting to go thru since her husband passed away 7 months ago.

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