Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby's trip to the Zoo

I'm almost positive "Baby's trip to the Zoo" is the title of a Little Golden Book. Friday I took my baby to the Zoo in Waco. The only thing is, she is now a teenager! We had "flex" days at school, which mean, if you passed your TAKS tests you were elegible for a day off from school. She had a couple of friends that went with us. We had lots of fun taking silly pictures and seeing the animals. It always brings out the kids in all of us. No, I will not show any photos of my skinned up knees that I got when I went on the slide backwards! Trust me, I have red knees, and I felt just like a kid. Its bad enough that the girls videotaped it. But oh what fun it was!

Looks like the turtles are good friends. Everybody needs friends!

In the jungle the mighty jungle the Lion sleeps tonight....
He looks like he needs a nap maybe? Isn't he SO BEAUTIFUL? I could have watched him all day.

The girls were trying to make it look like they were petting him or touching him but I don't think it worked?
I will be making a couple of these sucker holders for the concession stand for next year. This will help the little kids make their selection easier.
We had a great day at the zoo and yes Kendra slept like a baby the whole way home from the zoo! always having fun with aunt kadra louise

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