Monday, February 21, 2011

Dream a little dream

What do our dreams mean? I've had some scarey dreams, crazy dreams, and some dreams that seem so real that its hard to wake up in the mornings. Maybe I'm having garage sale withdrawal because last night I dreamed of being at a garage sale and was finding all kinds of goodies! Of course when I woke up and found out everything I had selected was not in the room with me, I was disappointed. I also have a dream which is a life wish, to have my own shop again. I want to have things in it from garage sales that have been made over, craft supplies, party supplies and lots of fun things to make people happy. I won't make a fortune, just be fortunate to be in a happy place all day and have friends stop by on a regular basis to see whats new. Kinda like blogs. But be able to get real life "hugs" instead of "black and white hugs" thru the computer. That is my dream. fun with aunt kadra louise

I bet he gives good hugs!

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