Wednesday, March 16, 2011

home alone

Some days its nice to be home alone....and other days I can't stand it!

Kendra is in Dallas with her friend until sometime tomorrow evening and Nick has been coming and going all week with his friends to Waco. So that has left me without a car and motivation to get anything done! Where has my motivation gone? I've been dreaming of having all the time this week to do whatever I've wanted and now that I have TIME I don't want to do things at home! I wish the weather would be nicer because I haven't even wanted to do things outside either. The dreary overcast sky is NO GOOD! Its been fairly warm but just gray and yucky. I've been thinking of painting the dining room, bathroom or something to get out of this funk! Maybe I should go to Lowes tomorrow and get the paint for the travel trailer! Thats my plan! Thanks bloggers, always trying to have fun with aunt kadra louise

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