Friday, April 4, 2014

Still here!?

Oh my goodness!! Yes I am still here! Just as busy as ever. Taking care of kids, cars, and all the pets we have. I've read some of my past posts and its ironic how some things follow a parallel path. Its once again time for Prom! And now Nick and Kendra will Both be going to Germany! They will leave in June and be gone until July but its on a vacation and not an extended program like Nick was on before. Kendra is DRIVING now!! Nick will be finishing his first year of college and my husband which is now my ex-husband will be going back to Canada for work. My daughter Nicole will be moving to California with her boyfriend Jordan and this summer marks Natalie and Sid's 3rd anniversary. Still no grandbabies yet but I am CRAFTING every single DAY! I am loving LIFE and have a wonderful loving man in my life....well I have more than one loving man in my life. My son, my ex-husband, and my boyfriend, EJ. He has brought so much laughter back into my life. I am looking forward to new adventures in the future with everything my loved ones will bring.

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